I am currently developing a new company. Launching shortly. I am previously the Co-Founder and CCO of COLLINS. I’m married to the fabulously talented Mary Finlayson (Painted Mary), have a little girl and medium sized dog. 


Design is a complex process requiring collaboration and a multitude of skills to do well. A confluence of graphics, typography, color theory, motion graphics, strategic insights, language, business considerations, project management, art history and cultural context — which is both fascinating and exceedingly difficult.

The content of this site is the result of hundreds of people. All work shown was either created or creative directed by me.

I am appreciative of the awards and opportunities I have recieved for it.
I have been fortunate to learn from some great teachers at both the Alberta College of Art Design and The School of Visual Arts Designer as Author Masters program.

In 2013 I was the Graphic Design Lead at Airbnb

In 2015 I founded COLLINS San Francisco.

In 2019 a new adventure begins!

© Matt Luckhurst 
San Francisco, CA